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Friday, December 27, 2019

Akwa Ibom State Attorney-General Declares Support For The 2020 NUJ Thanksgiving Service

Vivian Essiet

The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Justice and Attorney- General, Barrister Uwemedimo Nwoko has declared his support to the forthcoming Youth Sensitization Programme /2020 NUJ Thanksgiving Service slated for January 18th- 19th , 2020 at Urua Inyang Unity Hall and Qua  lboe Church,lkot Akpan Anwa respectively in IKA LGA of Akwa Ibom State.
Nwoko made the declaration on the Boxing Day when the 2020 NUJ Thanksgiving Service  Planning Committee visited him in his country home,Ika Local Government Area.
He commended the Committee for its initiative  to impact in the lives of the youth of the area through the proposed  youth sensitization programme.
He counted it a privilege for choosing IKA for the programme, giving credit to the Media in the state for being instrumental to his present position in the society.
The State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists,Akwa lbom State Council, Comrade Amos Etuk in his remarks disclosed that the choice of having NUJ Thanksgiving Service for the last six years in the hinterlands was to access the level of developments in such areas.
He appreciated Bar. Nwoko for his kind reception and warm embrace accorded the NUJ family and enjoined him to see the Thanksgiving as his on project.
He added that it is a time for evangelism " lKA FOR CHRIST  " and also a spiritual evangelism for members of the Union.

The Chairman of the Thanksgiving Planning Committee, Comrade Inimfon Silas thanked the Attorney-General for opening his doors and  applauded him as a key Stakeholder who has contributed to the development of IKA Local Government Area.
He added that it is time to showcase and  project IKA to the state and the world at large, saying,there was need  to seek and solicit  partnership,support and sponsorship from the Attorney to enable the Committee organise a successful Thanksgiving Service.
The State Secretary of the Union, Comrade Dominic Akpan in his vote of thanks also commended the host and assured that the 2020 NUJ Thanksgiving Service will record a great impact on the people Ika people and the state in general
In the same vein,the Chairman of the 2020 NUJ Thanksgiving Service,Comrade Inimfon Silas led members to Qua lboe Church,Ikot Akpan Anwa,  venue for the forthcoming Thanksgiving  to  inspect facilities in the Church to ensure a successful Thanksgiving Service.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Proprietor Of Topfaith School Declares Support For The 2020 NUJ Thanksgiving Service

By Bassey Mkponam

 The chairman/proprietor of Topfaith International Secondary School, Mkpatak in Essien Udim Local Government Area, has given a nod to the forthcoming NUJ 2020 Thanksgiving Service slated for yJanuary 19 2020 at Qua Iboe Church, Ikot Akpan Anwa in Ika Local Government Area.
 Dr Emmanuel Abraham  who declared support for the Union's resolve to organize the new year thanksgiving service when the planning committee for the event led by the state secretary of NUJ, Comrade Dominic Akpan, paid a courtesy visit on him recently, at the Conference Hall of the school, said the concept of the thanksgiving was dear to his heart and is something worth doing.
 According to him, “the issue of the NUJ thanksgiving is fundamental, because God deserves our thanksgiving”.
 He commended the committee for its initiative to impact on youths through its planned youth program as one of the features of the thanksgiving service, saying, the idea was commendable as there is need to sensitize youths on issues of importance.
 Abraham who highlighted the developmental strides of the school and arrangements put in place for the establishment of Topfaith University, said, “God has been faithful to the school which he noted, is not just a school but more in consonant with education.
 The state chairman of NUJ Comrade Amos Etuk in his remarks, thanked Abraham for always being there for the Union in the state and commended him for establishing the school which he noted has competed favourably with others in terms of standard.
 Etuk who was represented by the state secretary of the union, Comrade Dominic Akpan listed the achievements of the present executive of the union since its inauguration barely three months, reiterating the resolve of the union to partner the school to project its activities.
 The chairman, 2020 Thanksgiving Committee, Comrade Inimfon Silas, applauded Abraham for the transformation brought into the education sector in the state, saying, NUJ in Akwa Ibom was proud of him.
 Silas who briefed him on the New year thanksgiving service of the union, said “ in NUJ, it has become a tradition that every year we move from the city centre to the hinterland for our thanksgiving in various Churches in the three senatorial districts in the state.
 According to him,  in the 2020 thanksgiving service, there was going to be a little shift from previous ones, as the committee has decided not to thank God alone but to organize a youth programme scheduled for Saturday, January 18 2020 at the Unity Hall Urua Inyang during which the youths will be impacted on.
 He solicited for assistance from Abraham to enable the committee put up a very successful thanksgiving service.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Getconnected Telecommunications Announces First Anniversary Promo

Getconnected Telecommunications, an indigenous Telecoms company based in Uyo has completed arrangements to mark her first anniversary with a promo. The promo which is to commence on November 28,2019 will feature 5% price slash for customers who buy DSTV, Star times or Gotv decoders plus an instant free gift.
Customers who do cable TV subscription or pay their PHED bills within the period will also go home with free gifts. In a chat with  Society Issues, Mr Donald Ukpe explained that customers who are not within Uyo can access the company services online by visiting
 According to the him, the promo will end on December 31st 2019 and the aim of the promo is to reward their loyal customers.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Attack On Nigerians: Draw The Red Line In And Out...

These people are making it seem as if it is now a crime to be a Nigerian. Oh!  Nigerians, we are now looking like an endangered specie but there is really nothing we can do about it apart from suffering and smiling like the late Fela would put it. How did we even get here? I keep hearing that Nigeria is the giant of Africa but why is this giant looking so hopeless, helpless and harpless in the face of a deliberate provocation? Our supposed brothers that we helped to liberate from the apartheid regime will just wake up in the morning and the next thing they are killing and maiming us for no justifiable reason. I am yet to see someone that bit the fingers that fed him or her and went scot free yet these people have done their worst. To think that all these attacks did not even start today in the first place. They have been doing it and since they did not face the music, they have taken our previous silence as consent to deal with us. Shebi na we go do business for their land. Okay are those Nigerians that are doing business in Nigeria safer than those being killed in South Africa and other  countries?  The answer is a big no! Nigerians do not value the lives of fellow Nigerians and that is why foreigners are treating us the way they like. We don't have respect, neither do we have regards for the life of fellow Nigerians. So much carnage and criminality being perpetuated in our midst.
From the foregoing, I  hail Sir Oyeama for that decision of the Nigerian Government to stamp their foot on the ground this time around. I  have heard you and I am very particular about that red line the Government wants to draw. I  am with you on this matter so please draw the line very well and take up all the space you want. This red line must be visible to all and sundry but don't only draw it outside. Infact start from the inside to draw it. Let the prophet acquire some respect from his own people this time around. While you are drawing the red line  in the diaspora, let Sir Rauf also draw the one inside. In fact, the red line should first be drawn inside. Nigerians residing both within and in the diaspora have a right to life regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation.  Fancy someone going to his farm to do his legitimate business only to be butchered in the process. After that, the perpetrators of the dastardly  act will escape unpunished. Yet, some Nigerians will go on a peaceful protest to tell the authorities that they are not happy about the way their brothers are killed in the diaspora and just then, a trigger happy policeman will appear. There and then his riffle will be very active and somebody must be gunned down. Till tomorrow, the trigger happy policeman will remain an unknown policeman.  What of someone driving from his place to his office only to be kidnapped or even burnt to death. This is not the Nigeria that our forefathers envisaged when they were fighting for independence. The labour of our leaders past must not be in vain. Nigeria must get it right this time. Too much grammar will not help. We are in dire need of action. Make Nigeria a safe haven so that our brothers and sisters will not have the mentality that if they don't step out of Nigeria, they cannot make it. Our politicians should also sit up. Those young people that are being killed could also be your children. Do something now else I  can assure you that what goes around comes around.I am not against you collecting your sitting allowance but their is need for you to sit down very well and do your work else you stand up for a more capable hand to do it. Nigeria must work and  it is either now or never!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Data Charges And Duration: Must You Exploit Me?

Let me go solo on this one. Service providers, are you aware that you have pushed me to the wall? You are selling your data and I am buying from you so what wrong have I done to you? I  am informing you now so that you will not say that you were not aware of your scam.
 Let me call a spade a spade: You are siphoning my hard earned money in the name of data subscription. I have been using data since 2011 but I  have never had it so rough. In those good old days, 1.5 GB data would last for a month and still remain. I  would download, upload, watch YouTube, research and do as I  so desired but my data would still remain and funny enough I did not even know it was needful to off or on my data, yet my data lasted for a month or beyond. Today, you have altered your algorithm without notifying me. 2gb data can't even last me a week despite all my strategies to make it last. I now have to program my mindset to on and off data as at when due all to no avail. The next thing will be an annoying message from you that my data is exhausted and you will send me a code to dial to buy more data. Clap for yourself you hear?  But you should know that if others are condoning your excesses, I  certainly will not.
My candid advise to you is that you should apply caution. Let me have value for my money. Stop singing into my ears  that data is life otherwise I will also remind you that before I  started using you, I still had my life which was given to me without hidden charges from my creator. Your own is a counterfeit life.
Believe me, if you try exploiting me again, Professor Danbatta will hear about it  Don't forget that before you were given your licence, it was clearly stated that when you want to increase your price, you should let me know as your customer. Since you have decided to cut corners, don't tell start telling touching stories when karma comes knocking. That your monthly data that has metarmophosed into a weekly data may be your undoing. Fancy how you will operate in this country when your license develops wings and flies away. I  don't know if all those service providers involved in this act are listening or should I increase the volume?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pregnant for a ghost...

The church auditorium was filled to capacity hence members that could not find space inside had to make do with the overflow. Ifeoma was among those that sat at the overflow. It was the Wednesday healing service and Reverend David Henshaw of the Royal house ministry was at his best. He was vibrating inside out and asking the congregation to sing praises. Suddenly,he stopped. Every where was quiet then he asked, "who is Ifeoma Okoye?" Ifeoma was surprised because she has never met the man of God before and she was there for the very first time. She quietly walked to the pulpit. Reverend David was one man of God that had the prophetic gift and each time he stood to minister, it was with utmost precision. " You are living at Umundula and you have been living with a man till the last four months but the man has never bothered to take you to any of his relatives yet he promised to marry you and you are even pregnant for the man",he averred. " Yes Reverend", Ifeoma replied. " Where exactly did he say he was going before he left", inquired the Reverend. "He said he was going to Bayelsa State to work ",said Ifeoma. "Has it not bothered you that your so called fiance has never introduced  you to any of his relatives",the Reverend inquired. " He said he would take me to his parents whom he said were living in Orlu, his home town but he kept postponing the visit", Ifeoma explained. " To tell you the truth ,you have been living with a ghost and if you doubt me, call him and see that his phone will not even ring talkless of picking the calls". Reverend Henshaw declared. 
At this stage members of the congregation were murmuring amongst themselves. What a revelation! How was such a thing possible? That someone would be living with a ghost and that the ghost would even be able to impregnate a human being. 
Reverend Henshaw continued thus, " I hope you know that you are the one that brought this calamity on yourself ", Ifeoma who was already shedding uncontrollable tears just nodded her head. " This challenge that you are facing now is as a result of your actions  some eight years ago. You dated a man whose name was Boniface and two of you were madly in love so you two entered into an oath which you sealed with each others blood that two of you must always be together  but a year later, Boniface died. It is this same Boniface that came back in human form to live with you and you ignorantly entered into an unholy relationship with him". At this point in time, the church was rowdy as there were displays of emotions some women were already crying as they couldn't conceal their emotions. Reverend Henshaw asked the congregation to stand up and pray against demonic manipulations. After the prayers, the Reverend Henshaw took his time to conduct deliverance for Ifeoma. After the deliverance, he admonished the congregation to always do the right thing in life to avoid putting themselves in a tight corner. He then made an alter call and many people gave their lives to Christ including Ifeoma. 

Ifeoma never received any call again from her fiance neither was she ever able to connect with him. With Ifeoma's new status as a born again Christian, she became committed to kingdom service in the Lord's vine yard. Each passing day, Her tummy enlarged more and more and was afraid of the seed in her womb. She started having strange dreams about Boniface  always attempting to force her to follow him to a particular route which she always declined. . She shared her dreams with the prayer band and members of the prayer band  continued to pray with her and a few months later, she gave birth but immediately after delivery,the child died. Ifeoma was not deterred. She was committed to kingdom service. She served God fervently and was eventually ordained an evangelist. She preached to all and sundry about holiness  and used herself as a case study. Many people gave their lives to Christ. Amongst those who gave there lives to Christ was Mr Magnus, a widower with two children. Mr Magnus not only repented, he saw Ifeoma as his future wife so he approached her and notified her about his intention. For three months, Ifeoma prayed about it and gave Mr Magnus her consent. Six months later, Mr Magnus and Ifeoma were lawfully wedded at the Royal house Ministry and the marriage was blessed with 3 children to the glory of God! 
Society Issues: We should all be mindful of the actions we take today so that we don't end up lamenting tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Okorocha: Leaving a bird at hand for two in the bush

You  cannot truly say that you were not forewarned. You just chose to dance to the tune of the gods who subtly led you to this pathetic state. Oh!  How art the mighty fallen. But Okorocha, why did you choose to eat this toad? As a governor, you bluntly refused to align with the choice of your people by trying to force your son in-law on them. Those that came up with dissenting opinions were not spared including a Reverend father that was humiliated by your son in-law, Uche at a burial event. Oh history!  You hurriedly forgot that your predecessor also humiliated a Reverend father and eventually did not make it for a second term in office. As if that was not enough, you went about it as if installing your son in law was a do or die affair. You quarrelled with so many people for this same reason including political gladiators in your state. Those at the helm of affairs in your party were not spared. Your own was that your son  in law must be governor after you no matter whose ox was gored. At the end, your son in-law was defeated by Emeka Ihedioha. You also aspired to go to the Senate. With these two burdens at hand , you attempted to climb a tree. It could have been easier if your people truly supported you but lo and behold, they did not. So you placed the INEC collation officer under duress just for him to announce you as the senator elect for Imo west. After all said and done as at today,  your name is not on the list to be issued with a certificate of return in the next two days. All the tension and stress you went through just to achieve your aim proved to be an exercise in futility .It is tantamount to leaving a bird at hand for two in the bush.
You were one man that started so well but today, all your goodwill  has been forgotten due to your own  actions. Even if I should advice you now will you even listen? If you should stumble on this post please tell those that care to listen that leaving a bird at hand for two in the bush may not guarantee that you will custody the two in the bush. You may also add that, one may have the power, money, connections and political will but ultimately, what will be will be.