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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Okorocha: Leaving a bird at hand for two in the bush

You  cannot truly say that you were not forewarned. You just chose to dance to the tune of the gods who subtly led you to this pathetic state. Oh!  How art the mighty fallen. But Okorocha, why did you choose to eat this toad? As a governor, you bluntly refused to align with the choice of your people by trying to force your son in-law on them. Those that came up with dissenting opinions were not spared including a Reverend father that was humiliated by your son in-law, Uche at a burial event. Oh history!  You hurriedly forgot that your predecessor also humiliated a Reverend father and eventually did not make it for a second term in office. As if that was not enough, you went about it as if installing your son in law was a do or die affair. You quarrelled with so many people for this same reason including political gladiators in your state. Those at the helm of affairs in your party were not spared. Your own was that your son  in law must be governor after you no matter whose ox was gored. At the end, your son in-law was defeated by Emeka Ihedioha. You also aspired to go to the Senate. With these two burdens at hand , you attempted to climb a tree. It could have been easier if your people truly supported you but lo and behold, they did not. So you placed the INEC collation officer under duress just for him to announce you as the senator elect for Imo west. After all said and done as at today,  your name is not on the list to be issued with a certificate of return in the next two days. All the tension and stress you went through just to achieve your aim proved to be an exercise in futility .It is tantamount to leaving a bird at hand for two in the bush.
You were one man that started so well but today, all your goodwill  has been forgotten due to your own  actions. Even if I should advice you now will you even listen? If you should stumble on this post please tell those that care to listen that leaving a bird at hand for two in the bush may not guarantee that you will custody the two in the bush. You may also add that, one may have the power, money, connections and political will but ultimately, what will be will be.


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