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Friday, March 8, 2019

Online businesses: The good, the bad and the ugly

Many are living large due to proceeds they get through one online business or the other. Very true. Many have also lost all that they laboured for through one online business or the other. Statement of fact. The fact that your friend or colleague has made plenty of money through a particular online business should not be a yardstick for you to dabble into it. Take your time before you venture into it. In this piece, I  have penciled down some things an investor should bear in mind before starting an online business.
First and foremost, there is the need to establish the legality of a business and there are ways of doing so. One of such ways is by conducting a goggle search on the business you are about to embark upon .Through the goggle search, you can get more information about the business. Again, some of such businesses may have their Mobile App on goggle play store. If so, check for the ratings and comments by the users. The comments may help you to know more about the business.
Secondly, you may have been coming across some sponsored ads on social media where people brag about how they make a seven digit income daily,weekly and all of that. Folks be very careful about such temptations. Most of them turn up to be scams. If the person was actually making such money, trust me, they woudn't tell you about it. The chances of them being sincere is not in the offing. It is even easier for the camel to pass through the eyes of the middle than for them to teach you how to make money like they are claiming. Just imagine Coca cola  coming to facebook to tell you to join their whatsap or telegram group so that they can teach you how to produce coke, fanta and sprite. How is that possible? Folks who are you to them to expect such a privilege?  Their CEO or what. Use your brain.
Thirdly, anytime you go online and you see a mouth watering advert about you investing your money and getting back double or triple of the amount in 12 hours time, 24 hours or what have you. Biko run for your life. What are they investing the money in to yield such a high return on investment?  That is the question you should ask yourself before accepting such proposals. I  mean even certified money doublers can't do that for you. Again, trust me if they could actually double the money like they claim, they won't beg you to come and double your own money because they will first double theirs' and that of their siblings. Be wise
Online businesses can be very interesting and rewarding if you take your time to build it. You may not become rich overnight night but trust me, when you come up with good strategies, in the long run,you will break even. Some people have made good money through digital marketing, blogging, e-commerce, drop-shipping and even owning successful groups on social media. Others have dabbled into internet businesses and have been reduced to zero. That is the good, bad and ugly side of online businesses for you
Last line, genuine online businesses abound and it is possible to earn a living from it because the likes of Jumia, jiji, Alibaba express, Getconnected Telecommunications and even individuals like Linda Ikeji, Mark Zuckerberg and others have made it through the internet.


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