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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pregnant for a ghost...

The church auditorium was filled to capacity hence members that could not find space inside had to make do with the overflow. Ifeoma was among those that sat at the overflow. It was the Wednesday healing service and Reverend David Henshaw of the Royal house ministry was at his best. He was vibrating inside out and asking the congregation to sing praises. Suddenly,he stopped. Every where was quiet then he asked, "who is Ifeoma Okoye?" Ifeoma was surprised because she has never met the man of God before and she was there for the very first time. She quietly walked to the pulpit. Reverend David was one man of God that had the prophetic gift and each time he stood to minister, it was with utmost precision. " You are living at Umundula and you have been living with a man till the last four months but the man has never bothered to take you to any of his relatives yet he promised to marry you and you are even pregnant for the man",he averred. " Yes Reverend", Ifeoma replied. " Where exactly did he say he was going before he left", inquired the Reverend. "He said he was going to Bayelsa State to work ",said Ifeoma. "Has it not bothered you that your so called fiance has never introduced  you to any of his relatives",the Reverend inquired. " He said he would take me to his parents whom he said were living in Orlu, his home town but he kept postponing the visit", Ifeoma explained. " To tell you the truth ,you have been living with a ghost and if you doubt me, call him and see that his phone will not even ring talkless of picking the calls". Reverend Henshaw declared. 
At this stage members of the congregation were murmuring amongst themselves. What a revelation! How was such a thing possible? That someone would be living with a ghost and that the ghost would even be able to impregnate a human being. 
Reverend Henshaw continued thus, " I hope you know that you are the one that brought this calamity on yourself ", Ifeoma who was already shedding uncontrollable tears just nodded her head. " This challenge that you are facing now is as a result of your actions  some eight years ago. You dated a man whose name was Boniface and two of you were madly in love so you two entered into an oath which you sealed with each others blood that two of you must always be together  but a year later, Boniface died. It is this same Boniface that came back in human form to live with you and you ignorantly entered into an unholy relationship with him". At this point in time, the church was rowdy as there were displays of emotions some women were already crying as they couldn't conceal their emotions. Reverend Henshaw asked the congregation to stand up and pray against demonic manipulations. After the prayers, the Reverend Henshaw took his time to conduct deliverance for Ifeoma. After the deliverance, he admonished the congregation to always do the right thing in life to avoid putting themselves in a tight corner. He then made an alter call and many people gave their lives to Christ including Ifeoma. 

Ifeoma never received any call again from her fiance neither was she ever able to connect with him. With Ifeoma's new status as a born again Christian, she became committed to kingdom service in the Lord's vine yard. Each passing day, Her tummy enlarged more and more and was afraid of the seed in her womb. She started having strange dreams about Boniface  always attempting to force her to follow him to a particular route which she always declined. . She shared her dreams with the prayer band and members of the prayer band  continued to pray with her and a few months later, she gave birth but immediately after delivery,the child died. Ifeoma was not deterred. She was committed to kingdom service. She served God fervently and was eventually ordained an evangelist. She preached to all and sundry about holiness  and used herself as a case study. Many people gave their lives to Christ. Amongst those who gave there lives to Christ was Mr Magnus, a widower with two children. Mr Magnus not only repented, he saw Ifeoma as his future wife so he approached her and notified her about his intention. For three months, Ifeoma prayed about it and gave Mr Magnus her consent. Six months later, Mr Magnus and Ifeoma were lawfully wedded at the Royal house Ministry and the marriage was blessed with 3 children to the glory of God! 
Society Issues: We should all be mindful of the actions we take today so that we don't end up lamenting tomorrow. 


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