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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Data Charges And Duration: Must You Exploit Me?

Let me go solo on this one. Service providers, are you aware that you have pushed me to the wall? You are selling your data and I am buying from you so what wrong have I done to you? I  am informing you now so that you will not say that you were not aware of your scam.
 Let me call a spade a spade: You are siphoning my hard earned money in the name of data subscription. I have been using data since 2011 but I  have never had it so rough. In those good old days, 1.5 GB data would last for a month and still remain. I  would download, upload, watch YouTube, research and do as I  so desired but my data would still remain and funny enough I did not even know it was needful to off or on my data, yet my data lasted for a month or beyond. Today, you have altered your algorithm without notifying me. 2gb data can't even last me a week despite all my strategies to make it last. I now have to program my mindset to on and off data as at when due all to no avail. The next thing will be an annoying message from you that my data is exhausted and you will send me a code to dial to buy more data. Clap for yourself you hear?  But you should know that if others are condoning your excesses, I  certainly will not.
My candid advise to you is that you should apply caution. Let me have value for my money. Stop singing into my ears  that data is life otherwise I will also remind you that before I  started using you, I still had my life which was given to me without hidden charges from my creator. Your own is a counterfeit life.
Believe me, if you try exploiting me again, Professor Danbatta will hear about it  Don't forget that before you were given your licence, it was clearly stated that when you want to increase your price, you should let me know as your customer. Since you have decided to cut corners, don't tell start telling touching stories when karma comes knocking. That your monthly data that has metarmophosed into a weekly data may be your undoing. Fancy how you will operate in this country when your license develops wings and flies away. I  don't know if all those service providers involved in this act are listening or should I increase the volume?


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