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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Attack On Nigerians: Draw The Red Line In And Out...

These people are making it seem as if it is now a crime to be a Nigerian. Oh!  Nigerians, we are now looking like an endangered specie but there is really nothing we can do about it apart from suffering and smiling like the late Fela would put it. How did we even get here? I keep hearing that Nigeria is the giant of Africa but why is this giant looking so hopeless, helpless and harpless in the face of a deliberate provocation? Our supposed brothers that we helped to liberate from the apartheid regime will just wake up in the morning and the next thing they are killing and maiming us for no justifiable reason. I am yet to see someone that bit the fingers that fed him or her and went scot free yet these people have done their worst. To think that all these attacks did not even start today in the first place. They have been doing it and since they did not face the music, they have taken our previous silence as consent to deal with us. Shebi na we go do business for their land. Okay are those Nigerians that are doing business in Nigeria safer than those being killed in South Africa and other  countries?  The answer is a big no! Nigerians do not value the lives of fellow Nigerians and that is why foreigners are treating us the way they like. We don't have respect, neither do we have regards for the life of fellow Nigerians. So much carnage and criminality being perpetuated in our midst.
From the foregoing, I  hail Sir Oyeama for that decision of the Nigerian Government to stamp their foot on the ground this time around. I  have heard you and I am very particular about that red line the Government wants to draw. I  am with you on this matter so please draw the line very well and take up all the space you want. This red line must be visible to all and sundry but don't only draw it outside. Infact start from the inside to draw it. Let the prophet acquire some respect from his own people this time around. While you are drawing the red line  in the diaspora, let Sir Rauf also draw the one inside. In fact, the red line should first be drawn inside. Nigerians residing both within and in the diaspora have a right to life regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation.  Fancy someone going to his farm to do his legitimate business only to be butchered in the process. After that, the perpetrators of the dastardly  act will escape unpunished. Yet, some Nigerians will go on a peaceful protest to tell the authorities that they are not happy about the way their brothers are killed in the diaspora and just then, a trigger happy policeman will appear. There and then his riffle will be very active and somebody must be gunned down. Till tomorrow, the trigger happy policeman will remain an unknown policeman.  What of someone driving from his place to his office only to be kidnapped or even burnt to death. This is not the Nigeria that our forefathers envisaged when they were fighting for independence. The labour of our leaders past must not be in vain. Nigeria must get it right this time. Too much grammar will not help. We are in dire need of action. Make Nigeria a safe haven so that our brothers and sisters will not have the mentality that if they don't step out of Nigeria, they cannot make it. Our politicians should also sit up. Those young people that are being killed could also be your children. Do something now else I  can assure you that what goes around comes around.I am not against you collecting your sitting allowance but their is need for you to sit down very well and do your work else you stand up for a more capable hand to do it. Nigeria must work and  it is either now or never!


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